Colleen invites us to join in on her blogging event called, Writer’s Quote Wednesday.  This is our chance to highlight our favorite author’s quotes that give inspiration as writers. She prompts us to look for a quote to inspire and inform us what to do with troubles.

When I tackle this challenge, it never fails, something always pops into my head, and then slowly I think of other quotes. I usually come back to the first one. Today it’s an old World War 1 song, Pack Up Your Troubles. NO, I’m not THAT old. Colleen’s box of woe is akin to the kit bag in the song. Worry is non-productive. Any device we can create to help us to remove them from the worry spot in our brain, the better we shall thrive. I’m sharing two meme’s I found on Google search that I love.

troubles I’m participating in Blogging University 201 Poetry. This one reminds me of day 9 when we composed found poetry about landscape.

This one is featured in the You Tube video of the song.kit bag

“The lyrics for this First World War marching song were written by George Henry Powell under the pseudonym of “George Asaf,” and they were set to music by his brother Felix Powell.”

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