In A Cedar Chest


In a small cedar chest

Is a memory I can wear

Trims of beads and sequins

Some with buttons

There are many colors,

Black, white, coral, navy, orange, red

Varying lengths, opera to short 

Stitched in beautiful thread 

The tattered photo album 

Creates a carousel of her image

From youth to bride to mother

 She wears beautiful creations

All her own design

 And I don’t fail to notice

 Store bought gloves on her hands.

 She selects each pair to compliment

 The color and the purpose of her frock

The photos turn from black and white

To color as we turn the pages

Look Martha, there are the orange gloves

You wore those in the Miss America Contest

Remember, you sang Do You Want Some of My Tangerine

Made popular by Claudia Williams

Mother bought yards of material of orange polka-dot

To make a dress for you and her

Here’s a pair of white gloves

Trimmed in delicate red and blue buttons

Around the edges of the gloves

Another pair, black as ebony

Trimmed with beads

Forming an elegant design for formal wear

The opera gloves of white

Never worn to the opera

I wore them for formal balls

The fashion of the

Day has changed

No longer do ladies wear gloves

Unless it is winter

To protect against the cold

Rain and snow.</pre>




5 thoughts on “In A Cedar Chest

  1. Oh I do so wish you will share those photos, how delightful , I can see that lovely orange polka dot material and those gloves you have described have made me determined to find some nice gloves to wear with a nice frock , why not ? I am saying to myself. I really do wish it was more acceptable to wear gloves with our outfits today because my hands are a bit worn and I just never can seem to get them right .I get so many new ideas from reading your posts, do you know I have lists of books to read and songs to listen to and now things to wear listed in my head under the name of Meredith alongside a lovely image of you in your summer frock here, it is so nice to read that you share these memories with your sister Martha. I do wish I had a sister , I am so glad that I have 3 girls and they have a lovely relationship, I also have 2 sons and the youngest one has just left home he is 24 , I see them all regularly and I do hope they will all be good companions to each other like you and Martha . Kind regard to you both and happy days from Kathy. I have some reading to catch up on and hope that you are feeling really well now .xxx


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