The Decievers

wes & nick

The Decievers by Wesley Markham Haynes, my son.

They all are the evangelist

Always the antagonist

A cunning linguist

To the point of being belligerious

Their message is ambiguous

Truthfully it is tumultuous

Yet still it is so sensuous

Maybe they think we are communist


Now that we have shown our nakedness

They have become magnanimous

Using our naïve willingness


We are too presumptuous

To believe they are fabulous

Always remaining the optimist

Even when they are erroneous

3 thoughts on “The Decievers

  1. This is great , I had to say it aloud at least twice love the rhyme to it; the sound is great , because the words are really catchy , I put on an air when I say it , ha ha , I think my husband is getting a little worried with my antics lately ; listening to me reciting poetry aloud and telling him I am going to start wearing gloves.This blogging “has the head risen on her”, he will say. its an old Irish saying people use when talking about someone who acts a bit different from the crowd. There are a lot of wise things being said in this poem I think and because of the form used it seems not didactic in any way rather delightful really. Thanks for sharing . Kathy xxx

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