The Ballad of Nick


nick on bench

Before he was Nick

He was left to die

Tied down, abandoned

I don’t know why


I was yearning for some thing

Left to struggle and cry

Bound to loneliness

I don’t know why


Only God can perform a miracle

He nudged a good guy

To stop his truck to rescue Nick

And I know why


A woman, me and a dog, Nick

Though miles apart did defy

The odds of coming together

Now you know why

meredith and nick


22 thoughts on “The Ballad of Nick

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  2. This is a truly wonderful poem to Nick, Meredith. I’m sure he knows just how much you love him and how important you are in his life.

    Dogs make wonderful companions, and it’s truly amazing to read the words you have put together for him. Please give me a hug from us all. 🙂

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