Chanticleer Chants for Lent

I love Gregorian Chants as I often do. I chose Chanticleer’s chants for Ash Wednesday and lent. Louis Botto founded the Chanticleers in 1978. He was always concerned that there wasn’t enough paying work for choral singers. He made it his goal to see that the Chanticleers were salaried. It wasn’t an easy task, and didn’t become reality until 1991.
Published on Jun 17, 2012 for Ash Wednesday and Lent.

3 thoughts on “Chanticleer Chants for Lent

  1. I love Gregorian Chants also. The first time I ever heard these beautiful chants was at a monastery in Mexico. Honestly, they were the most beautiful thing I had ever heard! They brought me so much peace, & filled me with love of life for life.

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