Some of My Favorite Poets

Writing 201: Poetry — Ben say it’s time for a poetry potluck.


BWSBL  participates in a haiku challenge featured each week by Ronovan.

I enjoy BWSBL’S  poem because it tells of strength to win and keep freedom.

Force will not reveal,
Winning hand held tight chested,
Nothing trumps freedom.


Colleen does too.

Colleen’s first line and the word fresh brought to mind not just a new year but a clean, white sheet of paper waiting for creative thoughts.

A fresh year draws nigh –

with the rising of the moon,

the old year expires.


Aranislandgirl is a favorite of mine. She participates in the haiku challenge too.

Aranilandgirl writes of found objects, heart-shaped stones. The heart of stone in her poem is literal as well as figurative.

With a numbing chill

A heart of stone frets away

To its diamond core


This last poem is from a favorite poetry blog hosted by more than one participant.

Scottishmomu wrote Sailed.

Scottishmomu incorporates metaphor in this poem. I take it to mean that the ship sailing is something that has happened and cannot be changed.

that ship

has sailed now

left without

a passenger or freight

have to smile

 resign self

queue with others

must needs grin and bear

and wait.

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