An Elegy

I decided to write a longer elegy today for Blogging University Poetry 201.

An Elegy

Arise and go from this place

Wipe your tears from your face

I no longer need your sorrow

Not today nor the morrow

Gather my friends and loved ones

Celebrate, my victory is won

Enjoy music and festivities

As you recall my proclivities

When the time comes to leave

Memories of the joy do cleave

Each time you think of me

You will agree my wishes were wise


12 thoughts on “An Elegy

  1. I’m so ashamed! I haven’t visited your blog before now, because I kept mixing yoy up with someone else,and thinking that I was reading your work. I didn’t know what i was missing! Thank goodness that posts don’t disappear into thin air once they are covered with new ones.
    This is a lovely poem, and although the pace is very different,it reminds me of my favourite poem on death, which I posted on my blog earlier. It’s Remember, by Christina Rossetti.

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