Good Intentions

5 monksIf you have children I bet you sing Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed. It goes on to say, One fell off and bumped his head, Mama called the doctor, And the doctor said, No more monkeys jumping on the bed. This song came to mind about 7 weeks ago. No one was jumping on the bed, but I could paraphrase it and sing:

One little monkey sleeping on the bed
She fell off and broke her toe
Went to the doctor
And the doctor said,
Put that foot in a boot.

flc 2And that’s the truth! So I was temporarily off my foot and couldn’t make it to the gym. I have such a sweet  place to work out. My church has a family life center with a fully equipped gym and a walking track. I’ve gone three or four times a week fortrack

Senior Fitness Classes with mature ladies who wish to stay mobile! I don’t love it but I need it, and misery loves company. I’m there for the same reason the rest of my peers are. If I could choose broken toe or fitness classes, definitely I’d pick the classes.

150565_126836437468589_1043787716_nLet me be brutally honest, I could hobble into the gym. Just look at that equipment and that’s just part of it. I justified not going because of the toe. Another reason I didn’t want to go to this part of the gym is self-consciousness. I could use the machines without jeopardizing my toe. The cold weather is another a huge deterrent for going out as well.

The boot is off. I have said a mantra to myself for a week, “I will go back to the gym.” However, the enticement of sleeping until 8:30-9:00 is powerful. Finally my good intentions over came my reluctance. This was the morning; I dressed early and left on time. My friends and acquaintance greeted me and wanted details of my absence. They filled me in with the assignment of instructors while we waited. One of the guys came in to apologize and tell us our instructor had car trouble and couldn’t come in. We were all disappointed.

Did I stay and use the machines? NO. My good intentions vanished as if by magic. I was out the door and headed to my nieces house where my sister was baby sitting her one year old granddaughter, McKinley. I got some sweet snuggles time. I bet you’d do the same thing.


7 thoughts on “Good Intentions

  1. Sorry about your toe. I’m glad your boot is off. I understand your love/hate relationship with exercise.I just give my self slack and do the best I can (which is not too good) to keep to a schedule. Soldier on !! ❤

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  2. I’d have trouble passing on the sleep-in as well. But that gym is very tempting, so clean and well kitted out. Bummer about the broken toe, though it sounds like you are on the right side of it now, on the mend. I think your time was well spent with that cuddly bundle of love. Xx

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  3. Oh dear, sorry about the toe. I once slammed mine in a door and broke it in some kind of eye hand coordination error that completely baffled me 😉

    I have gym envy. That is exactly what I need. How wonderful to have a church offering such a thing. You are blessed.

    And that baby, oh my, if she is not the cutest thing ever.

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