Now I Lay Me Down

Someone I’m happy to call friend, Rebeca Seitz, messaged me. “Hi, Meredith! I’m writing to see if you can help me get the word out about a film I’m producing.”

I’m honored to introduce you to this film about a love story because I know the quality of Rebeca’s work. In addition I’m interested in telling you about it because the couple in the movie are facing an obstacle of a deadly disease. I know people who are, or have, fought the battle of Parkinson’s; an aunt and a very close friend. Perhaps you know someone who is fighting the progressive, debilitating nature of Parkinson’s.

The documentary, NOW I LAY ME DOWN is about Jim and Grace Seitz, parents of Rebeca’s husband, Charles. The producer/director is award-winning Kyle Saylors.

There is a way for all of us to get involved in helping get this film out and to be a part of Jim’s and Grace’s fulfilling their goal to visit all the state capitols. Read about the campaign and how to participate at


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