Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 29 Review

Okay folks, this is what Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge is all about. Join us, I dare you. It starts to loosen your creativity and shakes your imagination.


Week 29 for the Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge had the prompt word of Fret & Chill. So many definitions could have been used for these two words. Let’s find who participated and then you can find out what they did with them.



the aran artisanMelissa of The Aran Artisan – This might be extra long because she called me a debonair wordsmith. A lady of Maine her Irishman adores her. Thus, she moved it Ireland and the Aran Islands. Even with the Red Sox shirt on I saw the motherland in him and oddly I see it in her as well. So let’s see what she has to say for herself.

“My idealism is expressed in my tagline “Making a living by creating every aspect and ingredient of daily life.” These are the words of a friend who used them to describe my family.  Ya, it’s a bit of…

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