Days of Elijah – Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

I came to know about the Brooklyn Tabernacle from the writing of Pastor Jim Cymbala. This  non-denominational, multicultural church is in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. It all began with a small group of worshipers meeting in a dilapidated building, to over ten thousand people who come every week to hear Cymbala, the pastor for over 40 years.

Reverend Clair Huthcins helped found the Tabernacle.  One of his six children is Carol. She and Jim met here and later married. In the 1970’s Carol began a choir of nine people, and just as the church increased in number, so did the choir.

The song, Days of Elijah, that begins the You Tube video,  was composed by Mark Robin. Now, I could retell to you the story he writes about the song, but why, when he tells it far better. I’ve linked his site; simply click on his name (highlighted.)



Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with Elijah, book of Kings.

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