fire walker

Neuropathy creeps

Feet and hands burn and tingle

Translates to my pain



Must prick the finger

The thirsty vampire awaits

Test meter, of course


Visit my doctor

Twice a year, blood draw times four

A must for my health


food gr

My Nutritionist

Says 5 servings veg and fruit

Don’t eat dessert


dessertsCan you guess what I

Crave and dream about, dessert

Cake, cobbler, ice cream






11 thoughts on “Diabetes

  1. Hi Meredith. Hope things go well for you. I am trying to lose some weight at the moment. Diet jelly and yoghurt is a nice treat. Mangoes are in season here so I am enjoying those too. I commiserate about the dessert craving! Chocolate and ice cream are some of my favourites. 😊

    Thanks for following me on bloglovin. I am following you now, too. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Best Regards, Maria.

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    • I torture myself with ice cream cravings. On Facebook there all these people promoting their recipe/food blogs. Of course they have gorgeous photos that make you want to lick the screen. Ha ha Ha ha ha,I am not that desperate yet. I was good to hear from Marie; hope you’re doing well.good luck on your diet I’m trying to lose 5 pounds. I’ll cheer you on if you do the same for me.


  2. The words in this poem resonated with me. While, I don’t have diabetes, I do have lower extremity peripheral neuropathy (a side-effect of chemo to treat breast dancer in 2008) and experience similar symptoms — tingling and pain in the feet, but coldness rather than hot. I greatly admire your talent to take life experiences and convert them into poetic words. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Life is always a struggle. And when you complicated with something like diabetes if it comes 10 times to struggle. It’s time for California vacation mom. Can’t wait until you’re here I really am looking forward to having you back.



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