Sorrow rides my shoulder
She’s an unintended guest
Her temporary status
Is at another’s behest

Sorrow rides my shoulder
There’s no room in my heart
For her baggage of grief
Delivered on a poisoned dart

Sorrow rides my shoulder
Her sting will not tarry
The antidote has been delivered
To my soul, a sanctuary

Sorrow rides my shoulder
She comes to all of us
She will ride until we’re gone
And our bones are dust

11 thoughts on “Sorrow

  1. Great poem Meredith love the way this poem deals with sorrow , the tone of the poem creates the perfect sound for me to describe how sorrow regularly visits us as we go through life but for me the reading also offers much insight into the universal aspect of sorrow and this comes home to me in the last verse. I would love to see this poem on the school curriculum it has such meaning and grace. Fondest wishes Kathy.

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    • I don’t understand your comment. There are no questions in the poem. As an author I’ve the privilege to express my feelings in any form I choose. There aren’t right and wrong feelings.


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