Into The Woods

Martha and I decided to go to a movie last week. She recalled she thought she’d heard Into The Woods was a sci-fi film. Not quite. Into The Woods is a musical about fairy tales.


Regardless of the Rotten Tomatoes rating, Into The Woods is  the sixth highest-grossing movie musical of all time. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s fairy tale-themed musical debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theater in 1986, and on Broadway 1987. The production won several Tony Awards.

Bernadette Peters and Joanna Gleason brought acclaim for their performances during the Broadway run.

Martha and I thought 124 minutes a bit long.  We wondered if everyone sang their own music. My research says they did. You can find the rankings of each one’s performance on Bustle.



13 thoughts on “Into The Woods

  1. Kris, Andrew and I are big Into the Woods fans. We’ve watched the Bernadette Peters version of the movie and also went to see it as a play. They were split on the movie. Kris was disappointed. Andrew liked it. (I liked it, too.)

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  2. Not seen the movie yet and probably won’t until it becomes available in iTunes and I can stream it to a TV set near me. I still think Meryl Streep is at her best in the movie, Mamma Mia! A lot of people seem to disagree with me, but where Abba is involved then I’m hooked.

    Great to see you on Bloglovin’ Meredith. 🙂

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  3. I really loved the stage play. I have seen the version with Bernadette Peters on a PBS special. It definitely needed an “Intermission”. I think their cutting down of the second act did the movie no favors. But, I still liked it.

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  4. I’m a huge fan of the musical too. I was disappointed by the movie. I thought the Princes and Cinderella did well. I did not like Jack or Red. I left the show feeling like the movie cut out all of my favorite parts of the staged version. Also, making everything visually believable made this normally bittersweet story a complete downer, in my opinion. When staged, the cow is fake and is often a source of humor. The giant and the beanstalk are (obviously) not on stage either. The actors have to pretend they are just off stage in the wings of the theater and that causes some funny adlibs and engages the audiences imaginations.

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  5. Yup, they all did their own singing… I’ve been a huge fan of the musical for many many years, so went with certain expectations…. The movie suffers from lack of intermission, honestly — if you just have the first act (up to where it looks like everyone is getting their “happy ever after,”) it’s okay, but then you need to give the second act enough time to really play out for it to have the power that makes it good… but they took all that punch out of the second act.
    . I wrote up my own review, because — well – I had a lot of thoughts on it. Other than it being a tad long, and wondering if everyone did their own singing, what did you think?

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