water that is not wet

Wesley Markham Haynes’ poetry.

Wes Haynes ~ ~ Former Ruler of the Universe




Well, anyway. I have taken care of the dismay.

No chance of what will come in the month of May.
Enlightenment, wisdom and virtue and the inevitable gray.
Oh, how I laugh with the tears of it all.
Genuinely, vigorously and treasonously.
That is all, just wanted to say.
just woke up from a very cool dream and this was repeating in my memory so I jumped up and wrote it down,  I am not sure what it means.  I feel like it isn’t mine.


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11 thoughts on “water that is not wet

  1. Lovely poem. You said it came to you in a dream? That makes it all the more beautiful. In your dream, was it your voice reciting it? Or someone else’s?


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