J. K. Rowling


Writer’s Quote Wednesday–Poet, Victor Hugo, 2015-4



Writer’s Quote Wednesday sponsored by Colleen gives us the opportunity to see what some of our favorite author’s are saying, or tell our own profound philosophy on our thoughts, perceptions or observations.

I first read about Joanne Rowling when I was the librarian for Brookemeade Public School in Nashville, Tennessee. I was responsible for collection development. I read about this Brit who had penned the beginning of a book for young boys as she rode the bus. I ordered her first book, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone, and thus began the cult-like following in our school of this brilliant author.

jk rowling meme

I found this quote on Goodreads. We’ve all had ample opportunity to read about this very premises in every news outlet. It’s as old as the history of man. Every writer, including Rowling, uses a protagonist who has a goal or goals that is difficult to achieve and necessary for their well-being. The difficult to achieve comes in the form of the antagonist who sets up obstacles to keep the goals from being achieved.



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  2. just hopped off the page before I had finished, ah yes need to find a quote that separates the real nice from phoney nice and it will probably have something to do with empathy , the words that sometimes welcome empathy into my heart are , ‘ there but for the grace of God go I ‘ but now I am not sure and will need to think this out more because why would God choose one above the other , riddles riddles , have a lovely day Meredith , mine is now starting out like some puzzle. Blessings and hugs from across the miles. Kathy.

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