Setting Up Bloglovin’

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imagesJY8NFESJSunday morning, g’day! I’m hung-over from sleep, crusty eyed, stiff, and so dissatisfied with weak coffee I made. I don’t jump to new things as do many of my acquaintances, but at last I setting up my bloglovin’ account. I’ll be looking for you!

10 thoughts on “Setting Up Bloglovin’

  1. I so glad you are having a go at opening up your Bloglovin’ account, Meredith. Ronovan did a really great post on how to set up a Bloglovin’ account and I’ve attached the link below.

    Why do I use it? Simple really. I get the one email each day containing a list of all the bloggers I follow who have published a new post, with a link to that post. Yep, just the one email. Not all the WordPress emails that fill your email box telling you who has published a new post (some mornings I’ve open my email box to over 400 emails, mostly from WordPress). Yikes, panic sets in and I rush my way through them.

    I can also go to Bloglovin’ at any time and see a full list, on the same screen, of all the blogs I follow. I just click on any of those names and, hey presto, I get a screen full of all that blogger’s posts. As you can tell, I’ve really taken to Bloglovin’ and can not understand why I did not use it to it’s full prudential before.

    You know where I am if you If you need any help with it all. 🙂

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  2. I will be looking for you over there next time I check in. (I was and still am quite slow to do much over there- but it sure is nice to use when trying to catch up on my favorite blogs!)

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    • Kat, I don’t have much patience for trying to figure these things out. If it doesn’t just fall into place, I’m bored. And it isn’t falling into place for me. But I’ll go back and try again. I can’t figure out how to find the people I really want.

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      • I had the same problem, Meredith. I found it tedious to keep going back and forth between my Word Press account and Bloglovin’ to look up the exact names of the blogs that I like.

        What I really like about it is that when I got totally behind in reading my favorite blogs and my reader was full of just too much stuff, over at Bloglovin’ it was very easy for me to read the blogs I really waned to catch up on, blog by blog.

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