Meredith and Martha Haiku

Good Monday morning. It feels like a great day to write a bit of haiku! The sun is shinning on this crisp beginning at 21* Fahrenheit.

I won’t include names for the haiku, but will give a hint. Each author’s 2 haiku won’t be separated.


Ronovan presents the prompt for the haiku challenge:

Empty and Bedlam

Cause and Affect

Empty-headed and

a meaningless existence –



My room in shambles

puts me in a nesting mood.

I crave empty space.



Empty existence

without your loving presence



Void of emotion

Suddenly he enters and

Bedlam takes over.

9 thoughts on “Meredith and Martha Haiku

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  2. Thank you for the first-time introduction to Haiku. While I lack poetic skills, it’s always good to learn new things. Because of you, I now know “Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional Japanese Poetry.”

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    • It’s something I never thought I could do, but I have an overabundance of feelings and it’s a challenge to see what you can write to illuminate a subject in a few words. I hope you’ll investigate Ronovan’s sites about haiku and try your hand.


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