This is a good time to repost my journey in weight loss and my new philosophy.


I’ve read about the different body types, but I’ve never figured out what my type is exactly. I’ve morphed over the years more than once or twice. I recall dieting with my mom when I was a teen. I wrote about it in Heavenly Humor for the Dieters Soul. Over the years I’ve been up and down in weight. During child-bearing years I become an over – ripe plum. Later, taking diet pills, I became a volatile thin woman. I don’t remember feeling confident about myself until I was 45. I got involved in a franchise for weight loss and started learning about diets, behavioral management and image.

That didn’t keep me thin. When I remarried in 1990, I found myself content and eating like teenager. My last weight loss came when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1992. I had the benefit of a nutritionist, and began to make permanent changes in my eating plan. Notice I don’t call it a diet anymore.

Still I don’t feel all that thin, even tho my California friends call me skinny! I’m not as occupied with my weight as I’ve been in the past, but I still I don’t feel good about my body. What’s up with that? I give myself pep talks. I remind myself that I’m acceptable to my friends, family and to my Heavenly Father.

God says he knew me before I was knit together in my mother’s womb; the hairs on my head are numbered; while I was a sinner He loved me. Those are powerful statements of love and acceptance to me. I won’t let those nasty thoughts creep in and destroy my confidence. I’ll remember my status with God and think of important matters at hand. Along with that I’ll continue to eat the wonderful fresh veggies and fruit I can get in CA year round!

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  1. What is with that, I feel exactly the same way! Maybe with the loss of the child bearing years (which isn’t all that bad), we lose the feeling of our sexy self, & we can blame it on hormones. I haven’t always been thin either, I eat for stress, & that too brings me to now. Let me know when you find the magic formula. It’s a good thing we like veggies, & fruit!

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