8 thoughts on “Japan and African Christmas Music

  1. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming year! Meredith. It was so nice to meet you this year during blogging 101!
    I have given your blog a mention in my Christmas post. I also gave a link to Covey View. Isn’t it great the number of followers CV has now?

    I tried to reblog a post onto Covey View recently but it wouldn’t work. Will fix this problem and post something soon. Peace and Joy to you Meredith. 😊

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    • Merry Christmas and a prosperous NewYear to you and yours. It has been an exciting year. An opportunity to meet people from around the world that I never dreamed could happen. It’s a dream coming true, a dream that I never dared dream. Covey View is an an extraordinary endeavor that showcases our homelands and brings us together, and dare I say it’s the accomplishment of 3 women!

      I look forward to what will unfold in 2015.

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      • It’s wonderful talking to people overseas about their lives. I think that blogging has a big future and that more people will have blogs in the years to come.

        And it’s true – Covey View was put together by three women! It’s exciting to contemplate the coming year considering so much has happened this year with blogging! I have learned so much about computers. 😊

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