#2: Why I DON’T Use King James

One of my favorite thinkers, bloggers and Bible teachers, Don expresses a clear viewpoint on translations. I agree with him it’s important to understand what you are reading.

The Life Project

I ran this one on March 31, 2014 and to date it has 145 “likes”, 178 comments, and 14 emails telling me I’m going to hell… (no joke)

Long ago I grew accustomed to receiving “hate” emails from KJV fans.  I should have kept them, because I’m sure you would be greatly amused if I posted a list of the names I’ve been called because I use the NIV in this blog most of the time. The first few times I received these emails, I thought that maybe I should reconsider, then I began to find them amusing and even hilarious, but now I’m just bored!

Dear reader, I do not use the KJV because it is written in a language that nobody speaks; it’s just that simple.  In that sense, it has much in common with things that are written in Latin, it’s a dead language that isn’t spoken…

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