Top Ten Christmas Songs Countdown

Here in Clarksville Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving. Counting today there are 10 Mondays until Christmas day. Monday’s Music theme seemed to come on its own, Top Ten Christmas Songs Countdown. I wonder if I can find a top Christmas song for different countries? I don’t know, and I’m going to research. I’ll trust Ms. Muse to guide my fingers and research. In the vernacular, “It’s how I roll.” I started to say, as my granddaughters say, but they wouldn’t, and I could be in trouble if I accused them. I have a sinking feeling I’m out of vogue.

Look what I found! November 2014 UK Official Singles Chart Top 100, in the number 1 spot, Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid 30.

This was one is from 1984, and still benefiting world hunger after 30 years.

Martha and I give to our church’s food pantry.

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