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rock my world


Social Saturday is my time to recognize new friends on our Word Press site.

Nina, pronounced with a long I,  has a wonderful marriage. They are proud of their 2 adult sons. Nina adores her 3 quirky dogs who make life interesting. She relies on God’s grace and walk by faith. Nina lives with moderate disabilities and she decided to share her hope for the benefit of her readers. She has an amazing story that you’ll want to read. Nina  Rocks My World.

Melissa  and her husband are animal lovers. Melissa started her blog to help her dog, Zeus. The beautiful Rottweiler had a rare genetic disorder. Melissa raised enough money to take care of his medical expenses, however, the dog had complications that robbed him of a quality life. She made the difficult decision to let him cross over Rainbow Bridge. She and her husband are now the proud owners of a dog named Lucky, a mixed breed that they love. Melissa writes about Lucky and her memories of Zeus. She likes to share good dog products and good dog tips. Melissa Rocks My World.





5 thoughts on “You Rock Spotlight

  1. Ah, I love that idea, a Saturday social. It’s very dark, damp, and gloomy out, and I would love to stay in my pajamas and socialize all day from behind the safety of my keyboard. Alas, I have to actually go out into the world for a few hours and socialize in person. It’s terribly unfair. 😉

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