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Blogging 201 – Today’s Assignment: pick one social network you’ll use to help grow your blog and connect it to your site. Then, outline  a 30-day plan for how you’ll use it.

This probably a no-no in the blogging world, I’m writing after a few glasses of champagne with my sister, Martha and my niece Angela are  celebrating a mile stone in my blogging adventure, I have 1001 followers. Crissa would be here too. but she’s just leaving work in Nashville. When I moved to Clarksville in January I had 300+. When I was edging in on 500 Martha bought a nice bottle of champagne to toast the aspired goal. I started participating in some great courses offered by Word Press and could see improvement on my stats. When I reached 500, I suggested we wait for something a little more substantial, 1000. This morning as we were leaving to pick up my new iPhone in Nashville, I told her I showed 994, She said, “We’ll be opening champagne tonight!”

Now on to the assignment…

My list for connecting to social networking sites  is Twitter, Face Book, Press This, Google, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, In LinkedIn. I need to omit Stumble Upon, In LinkedIn and Pinterest because I’m not actively pursuing these sites. My posts show in Twitter and Face Book. I don’t get any hits with Twitter, but my Word Press Friends have pulled me into being more active and it’s been fun to have contact. I do get new followers, but to be blunt, I don’t have much interest in tweeting. I have a very few responses with my Face Book posts. Make a 30 day plan? Uh, I haven’t done that since I retired in 2006. Not to mention that I don’t have a clue how to beef up Face Book responses.

Honestly, I blog for my pleasure. I do want readers to share the joy of writing with me. I do want to meet fascinating people who are comfortable and that I can have conversations and play that is interesting. I have achieved that. I have Word Press friends meet me on comment to  talk and enjoy shared experiences. Oh, you want examples. Here’s just a small sampling of a few; Colleen shared the name of a new wine that is so delicious; Ronovan helps me and my sister play with haiku poetry; Don gives me wonderful teaching on scriptures; Maria and Karen give me tours of the Gold Coast; Hugh keeps me laughing with his creative fiction; Kat and I share family experiences and the joy of music; and many more. I hope you forgive me if I don’t link addresses tonight. These are people I’ve come to respect and love. Numbers aren’t everything, connection is!

Don’t you love the proofreading on Word Press.


11 thoughts on “Social Networks

  1. Written and spoken from the heart, Meredith. Many congratulations on the new milestone and I hope the champagne went down a treat. I’m sure it will have.
    You inspire others with your writing and I wish you much, much more continued success. It has been a real pleasure reading your works since the days I discovered you and your blog in Blogging 101 back in April this year. If I lived nearer you, I would have bought over a few more bottles of champagne to keep the celebrations going.
    With love and best wishes to you and your family.

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  2. Thanks for the tips on how to get more followers. It has eluded me for quite some time, but I haven’t had time either to figure out why and then do something about it. Congratulations on 1000!

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  3. And there you have it! 🙂 I should really take a page out of your book, Meredith, because I feel like Twitter is going to drive me crazy!

    Congratulations on your 1000+ followers!! Enjoy your champagne and success!

    I enjoy chatting with you and look forward to continuing to do so!

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  4. First let me congratulate you , what a wonderful post and I really have similar reasons for blogging so it was nice to hear that it is not all about how many hits one gets but more about the joy one gets from communication with others and sharing some of our finds sort of speak . Lots of good wishes to you and a very hearty congratulations .
    Kind Regard. Kathy.

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