This is written without research, just as my tag states, ‘writing from the heart’. I read a post on prayer written by Don Merritt ( and got inspired.

These are my thoughts based on a lifetime of church attendance, Christian conferences and personal study. Prayer is something I think about a lot. It’s mysterious. I wanted to say mystical, but feared it would cause visions of crystal balls and gurus. It is a connection with God as I know him. God isn’t man. He is spirit. We ascribe human traits to him so we can understand him better.

I read in the scriptures that God wants to hear from me. When I call him, he hears me. In other words, if I were calling on my cell, he would pick up on the first ring. This is personal prayer. I read that I can pray unceasingly. To me that means during the course of the day there will be many circumstances that I can say, “Hey God, what about this; help; thanks; thinking about you.”

My prayers aren’t formal. I speak to him as a trusted friend. I don’t filter my talk with him. I speak what’s on my heart and mind. It’s not my concern if this is what I should pray. He knows me. He wants me to call out to him. He’s not going to knock me down if I say something that might not seem right to others. This is between God and me. I’m encouraged to call him more often if I’m not all tied up with should and should nots.

Prayer is a practice that I don’t mind doing over and over. I do it because I want that connection with him. I need it for serenity. Try it, you’ll be the beneficiary in more ways than I can count.

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