Three Questions

I found these 3 questions helpful when I’m studying the scriptures:
What is God doing here?
What does this say about who God is?
What does this say about how I can then relate to God?

One can choose to follow reading plans on apps like or YouVersion, read randomly, or read a book in the Bible. Many fine Bible scholars and teachers recommend John as a good place to start. A pastor told me that reading in Psalm and Proverbs is a good daily practice. I like to spend some time in prayer before I begin. I’ve found if I ask for the point I need to see to become clear as I read, some verse or word will stand out. Then I can choose to meditate on that particular point, or research in commentaries or online searches to find further illumination.

There are mysteries in the scripture that can be revealed if I’m a willing student of the Holy Spirit or pastor/teachers. This is how I can live a supernatural life. I’m not a citizen of this world; I’m passing through with a divine plan. We all have free will, human volition, to make the choice.

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