Political Discourse

Recently I received an email that stirred me to think about what I think. For a long time I’ve felt ineffectual in bringing about any change in a political arena. Well of course no change comes if I’m not actively pursuing it. I’m basically lazy, but the Holy Spirit does move me to stop procrastinating and do something at this time. This is my response.

There’s a problem when the government abuses power and robs a fund that is intended for seniors. But I think the problem happened long before when we elected people who had no concept of Biblical principles as the framers of the Constitution did. The idea that a federal government should interfere in a persons freedom to use their money as they see fit is wrong. The idea that the government should take care of the choice to make a way to save for retirement is wrong. They took the money and did no better than the general population in saving it or using it. We are in so deep now, that I can’t see a peaceable way out. Render unto Caesar what is his and into God what is his.

We simply need a smaller government. I don’t think that will happen for me to see, perhaps not even my grandchildren. I believe we are in for a dreadfully long season of hardships and shortages. Too many of our population, I can’t say citizens for so many aren’t, sell out for big daddy taking care of them, that they outnumber those who wish to keep and follow our Constitution.

Generally, there are no great thinkers appearing on the scene that have enough support to pull a change off quickly. We do have men like Rand Paul who seem to slowly be getting support. But we must remember no man is perfect.

I’m opposed to giving huge sums of money to our enemies. We are “bleeding hearts” trying to restore what we had to destroy in war. Again once you give someone something, they continue to want it, even demand it. There are examples of what God said armies should do when fighting and protecting the freedom of their nations. Now we have the peace-niks who don’t understand the concept of being well armed to deter enemies, or if we have to go to war, fighting to win. And yes, those who make woeful decisions to do battle that isn’t our business or in our best interest.

I see, generally speaking, watered down beliefs or total apostasy. In the beginning we were a strong Christian nation. Children used the Bible as their text books. We were, what I like to call, a client nation for God. Now folks denounce the Bible and all things spiritual. Our churches are led by weak men who aren’t teaching from the Word. We’re too lazy to study the history so readily available to us in the Bible. Instead we prefer homilies and watered-down I’m ok your ok trash.

We would do well to get the Bible down and start reading. What God said for the Israelites applies as well to the ‘Gentiles’. Consider this freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/1568429/posts to see what God has in store for us as we follow this path

Are we really educating people if we to continue to send inflammatory emails and posts on Facebook, or do we need to be agents for change by deciding what we believe and trying to educate as we have the opportunity with the opportunity. As my son Wes says “Get your head in the game!”

My sister asked in response, “Well said, Meredith; I am really discouraged now,but I will continue to pray and stand by my beliefs. What else do you suggest?”

So I did some more reading and decided that these suggestions are sound and reasonable for citizens to take action. I found the suggestions offered by Rand Strauss. You can Google him, or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

Be ready with facts to have discussions. Do factual analysis before you pass on emails or posts on Facebook. Be prepared to communicate your beliefs in a calm way.

We can sign petitions. They are easy to find online. Two Suggestions are Change.org and SignOn.org.

Find polls that build a base of knowledge and allow you to voice your opinion and offer solutions. One such place is PeopleCount.org.

Oppose or support bills. Use POPVOX , a nonpartisan web site, that verifies and aggregates communication with Congress.

Here are some ideas that I will impose on myself. THINK, VERIFY. Don’t involve children. Don’t engage in name calling or ridicule. Check facts. Don’t pass on inflammatory emails.

Do you have other suggestions? Let me hear from you.

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