I’m Adopted

I’m adopted. You’re surprised? George and Gladys Dixon are my birth parents. However, there came a time when they allowed and encouraged the adoption. We were all excited at the prospect of my new family. The head of the family was most powerful, and had wealth beyond the imagination. He wanted to give me an inheritance. His son was devoted to me and showered me with magnificent gifts. Among those unimaginable gifts was someone who would be with me at each step of my life. Someone who had great wisdom and only my best interest at heart. I would never be alone, in triumph or in trial, I had a comforter.

Along with this core family of three, I acquired an extended family of brothers and sisters. Unimaginable love flowed from my new family. Do you know what my part in the adoption was? You won’t believe the simplicity of the process. The head of this family said, “I have a plan for you. Are you willing to believe that this is the best offer for you?” I replied, “Yes, I’ll call you Father, Abba, Papa. I’ll call your sons and daughters my kin. I believe.”

I’m adopted!

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