I love the acronym A.C.T.S. to remind me to remember how I want to pray.

A is for acclamation. It is how I want to greet my God when I come to His throne room. He is worthy of praise. The minute I begin my prayer, He’s listening.

C is for confession. I can tell him what I know is sin in my life. You know John 1:9 says, if I do that, he even cleanses me of the sin that I’m not aware of. Amazing!

T is for thanksgiving. Gratitude and giving thanks in all things opens our eyes to see God’s glory in even the smallest things.

S is for supplication. I love so many folks. I visualize their face as I talk to God. This is the time that I pray for myself. I may ask anything of Him, and He will answer in His perfect time.

It occurs to me the period at the end of each letter in the acronym means something as well. To me it means I listen. This isn’t a two-way conversation.

Do you have a reminder that you use to help you as you pray?

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