What Good Are Old Bible Stories?

Our ears itch to hear something new. We heard all of those “stories” from our childhood. What good are they now that you’re an adult? I believe if you’ll take the opportunity to re-read each one, you’ll find principles worth knowing. We can adopt some of the character traits each person displays to replace the ones that are faulty in our lives.

Are you whining about how horrible your kin treat you? Read Joseph. Be sure to read his complete gruesome story and you’ll see his “luck” didn’t change right away, for years in fact. We can see how Joseph’s unfailing belief in his God never wavered. Did Joseph’s faith bring him success? Dust your Bible off and look for it in Genesis chapters 35 – 40.

Recently I came to see I wouldn’t be able to live in the way I’d become accustomed. I felt pangs of self-pity. My home, sold. My furniture, sold. My Christmas stuff, given away. Even my clothes, because of a drastic weight loss, gone. I read the story of Naomi in Ruth. Her circumstances were so devastating she changed her name from Naomi, meaning pleasant, to Mara, or bitterness. Did her God desert her? He made provisions for her. Her daughter-in-law, Ruth, chose to stay with her. I like to believe Ruth went with Naomi because she demonstrated faith in her God even after she lost everything. Read the book of Ruth to see how God used these 2 women.

Revisiting the Bible accounts of these men and women Is profitable. “The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.” George Eliot

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