turkeyFaced with a fridge full of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, and a day of zapping plates of turkey and dressing in the microwave, what do you do?


My plan is turkey vegetable soup. The crudités chopped coarsely, cubedsoup turkey, gravy, added to the soup pot along with a sautéed onion, simmer for about 20 minutes, and there you have a tasty lunch. I like to toast some of the left over dressing in the oven to put in the bottom of my soup bowl before I ladle in the steaming soup.

turkey sandwichSave  some turkey for sandwiches. One trick I learned from Rose LeBlanc is to spread cranberry sauce on the bread along with mayonnaise. Tasty!


Try a fried egg over toasted dressing with a side of hash-brown casserole for a hearty breakfast.

I’m also making a mental note to prepare smaller amounts next year. Any words of wisdom from you?

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