The Day After Thanksgiving

We walked on the beach today. I wore my hoodie. The marine layer shrouds the water, covers the sand and rolls inland. I complain, too cold, no sun; I pull my hands inside my sleeves, and tie my hoodie against the chill. I place my shoes on the life guard tower along with Nick’s leash. My feet seek the warm, dry sand. We aren’t alone. Surfers brave the cold water. Dogs and their owners play in the frigid water, or walk along beside us, or walk in the opposite direction, or sit on the blocks of concrete and rebar that hold down erosion on the bluff. I walk at a good steady clip, pausing now and again to watch Nick chase and play with other canine buddies, large and small. Sometimes I look out to see the approaching breakers. We reach the end of the beach, turn and are blessed with a hint of warmth as the sun begins to break through. I soon flip back my hood and put on my sun glasses. By the time we reach the top of the trail up to a bench my hoodie is open and I’m smiling.
Thanks son for getting me to walk on the beach on this cool November day. Invigorating!

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