Enough To Make Me ‘Cuss’

My learning curve is not what it use to be. Neither are my fingers. Apps, Photos, Media Library, iPad, iPhone, Word Press…SCREAM!

How do I stop Word Press from sharing my drafts and edits on Facebook and Twitter? I want only my proofed and edited version of a post to be shared. How do I find that picture that I saved? How do I add it to my post?

I beg your indulgence as I go through the process of refining my skills. And if you have any advice, please send it to me by way of a comment.

2 thoughts on “Enough To Make Me ‘Cuss’

  1. It is tough sometimes. It takes a lot of “playing around”. Then you forget what exactly you did to accomplish the task. There are tutorial videos on you tube. The apps for iPad or iPone seem to be limited and are always being updated by the app creators. Best to check out the video tutorials.


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