Out of Fashion

It happens as the seasons change that we enter our closets with the purpose of weeding out pieces of clothing that aren’t in fashion. If they are in good shape, my practice is to take some to the nursing home, and others to Goodwill.

I was thinking this morning about God and how it seems He too has gone out of fashion. We throw Him out because it is no longer fashionable to worship Him. It happened over the past few years that progressives have made considerable inroads to rid the United States of America of our God. Just 4 years ago the President remarked that some folks in America “cling to their guns and religion” when things don’t go well in their lives. It must be true, I read that the stock in Smith and Wesson had a healthy increase since September, almost 10%. But, if you look at statistics on the increase in religion, the LA Times report a “rise of the nones.” That is the number of responders to a survey who marked none when asked to identify their religion.


My practice and faith is a spiritual relationship with God, based on the Holy Bible. I made it my purpose to find a pastor/teacher who teaches from the Bible. My idea of religion is man by his own efforts striving to make himself acceptable to God. Over the years I ve come to realize that my salvation was bought and paid for at a high cost. I believe that Jesus Christ is God/man, and it’s by His sacrificial death that my salvation was bought and paid for. I’m clinging to my faith. It will see me through the travails of this world until I cross over to Canaan Land.

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