A New Name

People in the Bible are often given a new name to signify a personal change. Lucifer is the first one I recall. His original name means morning star. After his unchecked pride caused him to rebel, he’s called Satan, meaning to oppose.

Abram, high father, and Sari, my princess, got new names when they became the progenitors of God’s chosen people. Their names became Abraham, father of many, and Sarah, mother of a nation.

Later on we meet Jacob. His original name means supplanter. He and his mother contrived to deceive his father, Isaac, into giving him his first-born twin brother Esau’s blessing. Jacob had to flee after this because of Esau’s anger. His name change happens on his travels when he gets into a wrestling match with an angel. Thereafter he walks with a limp and a new name, Israel, meaning having power with God.

You know a Jewish maiden better by the name Esther, queen of the Persian king, Ahasuerus. Her Jewish name, Hadassah, means Myrtle tree, and her queenly name Esther means morning star. You may want to read these powerful accounts in the Old Testament. I find them fascinating.

I’ve often wondered what God might have renamed me. Would there be any changes through my life time to warrant a name change? Since that is an unanswerable question, I’ve decided to choose a new name for myself, Hope. The meaning of hope is the feeling that events will turn out for the best, or to look forward with desire and reasonable confidence. Yes, I like that, and with God’s grace that is who I am, Hope. By the way,if you’re curious, Meredith is Celtic and means protector of the sea. Your turn. What might your new name be?

3 thoughts on “A New Name

  1. I have changed my name once. It was for a band I was in. I have used both my first name and middle name. Wesley means west meadow and Markham means homestead, seems I am a place. Haynes is old english and means “from a vined village”. Sounds like I’m a pretty cool place to live. I am a homestead in a meadow of a vined village!


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