A Community

I don’t want to isolate myself. Al Anon has been an extension of spiritual growth and healing, but not completely satisfying. I enjoy Pastor/Teacher R. B. Theime on CDs, and growth is assured with continued study. I want the experience of a community of believers that meet, study, and work together.

I’ve been a church member since the cradle, and I’d like to go to the grave as a member of a community of believers. Recently I’ve been going to Bible study at Seabreeze Church. I’ve found some spiritually mature Christian women there. I’ve attended church services there twice. The praise and worship band isn’t something I prefer, having a background with talented music ministers and singing in a choir is more my style. The pastor is following the Bible in a study of 2 Corinthians. The difficulty is going it alone and finding a way to involve myself. Time, time and patience, will probably help. How about prayer? Yes, definitely, always prayer first. Your prayers will be appreciated as well.

3 thoughts on “A Community

  1. As you know, many of your longings have been common to those of us in that unique congregation of electronic Bible students. We know from where our richest spiritual nutrition comes. At the same time we hunger for validation among fellow believers. The more we grow in balanced spiritual nutrition, the more we can be a blessing to those with whom we fellowship. This can be a mission assignment God gives us.
    I agree with you regarding the 7/11 music. I also, on such occasion feel conflicted by those songs that repeat the same 7 words 11 times with almost a monestary chant.

    Because of God’s Amazing Grace,



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