Movies in My Mind

On Newport Beach down by the shore there’s a daddy and his small son under one of the showers. The daddy washes the sand gently from his son’s body. He lifts him in his arm and removes his bathing suit, carefully washing away the abrasive sand from his white bottom. Instantly this scene evokes the movie in my mind to roll. We are on a Florida beach in the morning, our 3 little boys in tow. They are running in and out of the surf, screaming with delight. The small beach-front cottage is right behind us. Our routine is a morning on the beach, hit the showers and head out to our favorite restaurant for fried grouper. When we come back to the cottage we all pile in our bed for an afternoon nap. We avoid the extreme sun from noon to 2:00 p.m. By 3:00 p.m we are ready for a romp and splash in the warm Gulf waters. Later, on the pier the boys fish for crab with hot dogs tied to a string. We’ll dine well on these nights. Precious memories of many summers spent in Panama City. It has changed so much today. There are no more quaint wooden cottages with big screened-in back porches. Now high-rise condos and shopping malls fill the area; traffic is bumper to bumper during tourist season. It’s still a favorite vacation spot for families and for young folks during spring break. In my mind the movie will always be of a sweet, innocent time with our young family.

3 thoughts on “Movies in My Mind

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  2. yes, it has changed. i remember cottages like those. i have a close friend who emailed me from Pawley’s Island, SC, a place we enjoyed a magic week a long time ago. i am afraid to go back for fear of the change.


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