Au Courant

Popular phrases come and go quickly. In a novel I’m reading, Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson, the protagonist Goldie uses phat, meaning happy. Goldie’s son Archie has told her that word is “so over.” It made me remember a comment made by a fellow author who read the first 3 chapters of a novel I’m working on. “What is a “mac-mansion?” It was a word I heard to refer to large over-sized homes a couple of years ago. It was too current for my critique partner at that time. The last book I read, don’t recall the title so un-memorable that I didn’t even finish, used that very term. I’m sure mac-mansion is “so over” by now.

What about my work in progress you ask? Lying dormant in a file. Why? I got so bored with the writing I knew you wouldn’t appreciate it. Will I go back to it? Possibly. My son, Wes, is encouraging me to co-write a screen play. Perhaps my premise and characters will fit in.

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