Francis Bacon, English philosopher, statesman, and author, said that the human mind is easily deceived; that we believe what we want to believe and recognize only those facts which conform to that belief. We often are forced to make paradigm shift or a change in basic assumptions. I made one my freshman year in college when I discovered I was lousy in business. I changed my career path to elementary education, for which I was much better suited. Sometimes a change of mind comes from some life changing event; a birth, a death, a marriage, a betrayal, or a physical move.

I must practice to keep an open mind and closed mouth. I don’t want to be one that clings to a belief against all evidence to the contrary. I’ve learned that I need to trust but verify. In other words, don’t operate by blind faith. To believe without understanding, perception, or discrimination can lead to disaster.

This you tube video shows a young man who received a pair of glasses that help him to change his way of thinking.

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