Small Services

Many of us have a deep desire to be of service. I’ve come to know that it is the response to Jesus Christ’s great love and sacrifice for me. My service doesn’t need to be displayed for all to see. In fact, it is of greater value if I do my service anonymously. Nor does my service have to be grand or heroic. Small acts done with a good attitude are as important as the grand ones.

I focus on taking care of my mental health by daily Bible study, my physical health by eating properly and getting exercise, and I take care of my social health by getting out among people. As I go about my day, I look for opportunities that God presents just for me to serve him.

“God alone knows the secret plan, Of the things he will do for the world, Using my hand.” Toyohiko Kagawa was a Japanese Christian pacifist, Christian reformer, and labour activist. He wrote, spoke, and worked at length on ways to employ Christian principles in the ordering of society and cooperatives. Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Small Services

  1. Thanks Meredith, our church is hosting world changers this week, and I want to help but my shoulder is really hurting this week to where I cant do much of anything but rest it. This really helped me. Thanks


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