What Is Your Song

I have the best Bible, The Knowing Jesus Study Bible: A One-Year Study of Jesus in Every Book of the Bible, Zondervan Publishing. I purchased it because I wanted to get to know him as intimately as possible. There are many features that I love: the Old Testament prophecies by books and verses alongside the New Testament fulfillment of the prophecies, books and verses; the 365 discovery articles; and the Jesus and you notes.
I am reading in Luke now, chapter 1 verses 46-53. Mary sings a beautiful song in response to Elizabeth’s exclamation, “Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished.” I am sure you remember it, we hear the Magnificat sung most every Christmas.
What is so special about Mary’s song, besides the beauty and the excitement it conveys, is that it is an example of praise and submission to God. The first part of the song is her understanding of who God is compared to who she was. Next, she describes what God is like and how he is concerned for the details of her life. Finally, she reflects back on God’s covenant with Abraham.
The most remarkable thing in the song is Mary’s impressive knowledge of the scriptures and Jewish history. There are 12 different Old Testament prayers in her song. Her song shows that she truly knew the God she sang about. This young woman, between the ages of 14 and 16, is not devastated by the awkward position of being pregnant and unmarried. She had memorized God’s word and knew she could rely on him.
If we compare ourselves to Mary, are we ready for God to call us for a special task? Have we memorized scripture that would allow us to take comfort when we face difficulties in life? How well do we know God? We will not be privileged to be called for this one of a kind honor that was Mary’s. However, we can be sure that we are being called now for a special task for God. He has a plan for all of us. Get to know him through his word so that it will be instinctive to surrender to him.

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