Failure to Ask Before Leaping

I have thought this past hour about my post of today. What a bore. How am I going to write something pithy and interesting? Who wants to read about the sufferings of the common cold? Then I visited the blog of a friend and fellow writer today. He recalled that at some point he had not asked God if he was supposed to be a fiction writer. When he realized that, he wondered if he was repeating a mistake he had made before, and asked “what about you?”

This is my response. Oh my goodness, let me count the ways. I have stumbled through life, piling up mistakes, regrets and sorrows because I failed to pray about everything before I proceeded. My control of my life resulted in a divorce, living without God in my life for a 5 year period, and going absolutely broke. During that time God was trying to get my attention. He never gave up on me. I came back to him with a huge gaping hole. He is still healing me. Do I still get caught rushing out ahead of him? Yes, but he always waits for me to say, sorry, take these reigns back. God is a God of many chances. He will answer you so clearly you will not have to wonder. Keep your heart open and let him hear from you without ceasing.

Bingo! I have not prayed about what God wanted me to post. No wonder I’m bored with my blog. I got a wake up call from our Heavenly Father. We all need them, pretty much constantly for someone with a hard head and a short memory!

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