Saying Goodbye to Buddy

Heavy heart, tears, when I faced the truth that Buddy was a liability we couldn’t afford when our lives played apple cart turn-over. We decided to find a new home for him. What a shock to realize all the rescue programs were filled to capacity, and some only take puppies. We had no other choice but to take him back to Cheatham County Animal Control.

I made a box for Buddy. In it I placed all of his toys, his super-size bones, food, his sweater, and his vet certificate. We placed him in the crate that is his bed and set out. The director met us and assured us that Buddy wouldn’t be in ‘custody’ for long because he had all of his vaccinations and tested negative for heart worm. She did her best to make our parting gentle. I’m accusing myself silently, traitor, cruel, faithless. I must face that I’m doing what is best for Buddy and for me. I did my best the 2 years I had the privilege to share my life and  home with him. Now I’m believing and praying he is in a gentle, happy home.

6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Buddy

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  2. Years ago, I got a puppy that was so, so hyperactive that I had to give her up because I could not keep up with her energy level. A month later, I went back to get her because my conscience would not let me be and I’d say to myself, “the only reason you gave her up is because she is too hyper and loud, but you’d have to work with her and she’d be ok”. I got her back and right now she is 10 years old. I write constantly about her and the daily lessons she teaches me and, brace yourself, I believe in my heart that she is the perfect dog for me. She is, after my aunt that raised me, the best teacher I’ve ever had and for that I am grateful. Please, understand that I am not judging you for what you did. Not all dogs are suitable for a household and that is something I found out as time went on. My girl, Alex, is a senior and I hope and pray that she gets to live a long and healthy life. So far so good. I cannot imagine my life without her. I am one lucky pet parent:)


    • Marcela, I’m so happy your circumstances were to go back and get your girl, Alex. I’m 72, and Buddy had broken away, or worked his way out of his harness to get away from me more than once. There was no way I could safely manage him. Thanks for sharing your happy story!


      • No problem. By the way, I am not judging, just in case. I believe that only you know what is the right pet for your family environment. Take care:)


  3. Meredith- I have had to put several of our pets down due to illness and it was like losing a child each time. It seems that nothing is constant but change and we are praying for you and Jerry as our life has been an “apple cart” turnover also and things beyond our control have happened. But I cannot fix it and so God has to be in control.


  4. Ouch. I can only imagine it. No fun–and the memories will be hard for a long time. Going back and forth to the mission field, I had to say some extremely painful good-byes. The memories are still difficult.


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