Sorrow rides my shoulder
She’s an unintended guest
Her temporary status
Is at another’s behest

Sorrow rides my shoulder
There’s no room in my heart
For her baggage of grief
Delivered on a poisoned dart

Sorrow rides my shoulder
Her sting will not tarry
The antidote has been delivered
To my soul, a sanctuary

Sorrow rides my shoulder
She comes to all of us
She will ride until we’re gone
And our bones are dust

Robert Fullghum

writers-quote-wed-20151Colleen invites us to join her for Writer’s Quote Wednesday. This week her prompt focus’ our attention on how we become a part of everything we’ve read.



Robert Fulghum’s book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, was the first thing to come to mind. That is a great quote on its own! Fulghum’s wisdom comes out in short, pithy statements, as well as this one that’s over one sentence.


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The Circle Series

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker


circle series


Series Synopsis – “Rare is the story that takes readers out of this world and into another. Rarer still the story that captures heart, soul, and mind…leaving the reader forever transformed. This is that story.

The Circle is an epic story of evil and rescue, betrayal and love, and terrorist threat unlike anything the human race has ever known.

It beings when a man named Thomas hunter finds himself being chased down an alley after working the late shift at a coffee-house. When a bullet grazes his head, he awakens in an entirely different reality. Now every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in the other reality–and every choice he makes impacts the fate of two worlds.”

Dekker’s books captivated my imagination and kept me wanting more!  He’s a spiritual man, the son of missionaries. His creative genius characterizes the saying, thinking outside the box. He often ushers us into the dark and evil side of the world before the light comes and reveals the true path. You won’t be bored.

This interview is about 15 minutes long, but revealing.


Ted Dekker quote (

Visit Ted Dekker’s site for a complete list of his books.



First posted here on November 2012.

Arms akimbo.
Eyes askance.
Head a tilt.
Meredith Ann,
Do I need a switch?

Hand fixed to his belt.
Eyes gleamed with warning.
Head signaling no.
Meredith Ann,
Straighten up!

Warning was enough. I knew from experience what would happen. It was always for my benefit, given in love. Discipline corrects. It was their tutelage that taught me the correct response to a loving God’s discipline. Hebrews 12:6 (NASB) “For those whom the Lord loves He disciplines, and He scourges every son whom He receives.”

Under Construction

A poem I wrote in 2012.

A thread unraveled from the fabric of my life
A chink of mortar cracked from undue strife

A tear here and there resulted from neglect
A tear became a gaping hole, ruin unchecked

On the verge of collapse I sought refuge
A need for respite from ruin’s deluge

God opened the doors for escape
He repaired with love, life reshaped

Minutes, seconds, one day at a time
He created a way to overcome the crime

God offers many chances
To change my circumstances

Into The Woods

Martha and I decided to go to a movie last week. She recalled she thought she’d heard Into The Woods was a sci-fi film. Not quite. Into The Woods is a musical about fairy tales.


Regardless of the Rotten Tomatoes rating, Into The Woods is  the sixth highest-grossing movie musical of all time. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s fairy tale-themed musical debuted in San Diego at the Old Globe Theater in 1986, and on Broadway 1987. The production won several Tony Awards.

Bernadette Peters and Joanna Gleason brought acclaim for their performances during the Broadway run.

Martha and I thought 124 minutes a bit long.  We wondered if everyone sang their own music. My research says they did. You can find the rankings of each one’s performance on Bustle.