Dean Koontz

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I’m a fan of Dean Koontz. When I lived in Huntington Beach, CA I read all the public libraries collection of his books, as well as some I bought for my Kindle app. One of his quotes gives me a clue of his beginnings, and why he came to be an author of suspense thrillers.  His proclivity to incorporate  of horror, fantasy, science fiction and mystery kept me reading his works.

His quote was true of me and a slew of other children who found escape and travel between the pages of a book.

candle readingflashlight reading

“Books were this wonderful escape for me because I could open a book and

disappear into it, and that was the only

way out of that house when I was a kid.” 

Dean Koontz

Five and Thrive



Join us this week and try writing haiku. Ronovan gives you instruction if you need them.

by Meredith

pat summitPat Summit

Pat Summit, renowned
Lady Vol basketball coach
Brings five to succeed



My five luscious pears
Ripe and ready to enjoy
Care caused them to thrive

Joy Unspeakable

Words & Music by Bar­ney E. War­ren in 1900

  1. I have found His grace is all complete,
    He supplieth every need;
    While I sit and learn at Jesus’ feet,
    I am free, yes, free indeed.

    • Refrain:
      It is joy unspeakable and full of glory,
      Full of glory, full of glory;
      It is joy unspeakable and full of glory,
      Oh, the half has never yet been told.
  2. I have found the pleasure I once craved,
    It is joy and peace within;
    What a wondrous blessing, I am saved
    From the awful gulf of sin.
  3. I have found that hope so bright and clear,
    Living in the realm of grace;
    Oh, the Savior’s presence is so near,
    I can see His smiling face.
  4. I have found the joy no tongue can tell,
    How its waves of glory roll;
    It is like a great o’erflowing well,
    Springing up within my soul.

I had a difficult time finding a good video for Joy Unspeakable. This is a youth group of young singers from NYC performing. The words of the video do not match the original words.

Only the Good Die Young

Colleen hosts a wonderful challenge each week called Writer’s Quote Wednesday. It is an opportunity to present a quote that made an impact on me.

die quote

I chose a quote that expands on an ancient quote, “Whom the gods love dies,” found in the writing of the Greek historian Herodotus in History c. 445 B.C. The most recent version is credited to William Wordsworth in The Excursion, “The good die first, And they whose hearts are dry as summer dust burn, Burn to the socket.

I went on this search because I was thinking about a Simon and Garfunkel song:

It is so sad to lose someone young. Those of us who have someone we love deeply to pass know that pain and sorrow. My mother, Gladys, was 61, was much to young; so was my son, David, who was 38.

Free and Think

challenge-54Put your thinking cap on, it’s time for haiku! Ronovan presents this challenge every week. Everyone is welcome to participate.


by Meredith

free thinker

you say free thinking
is your mode, live untethered
without a life code

break up 2
Your brow is furrowed
Don’t fret, let me relieve you
Focus! I don’t care


by Martha

Unhampered I am
to love, to give, to accept.
I believe I will!


Flittering on air
free to linger or soar high
No thought seems needed